Ever since childhood, Christian dreamt of a circumnavigation and has been searching for a boat that fit within a small budget. He discovered an article online about the Globe 5.80 and purchased plans, not knowing initially if the boat would ever be built. Over time, the idea grew bigger and bigger. As a carpenter and civil engineer, he believed he could build it by himself and so left his job in order to realise his dream.

Sailing has been a big part of Christian’s family for his entire life. His father built all his boats himself, and his uncle was a sailor and naval engineer as well. At the age of 12, he started actively sailing Lasers and later switched to bigger boats. During his studies, he also worked as a sailing teacher for his coastal sailing license.

Although the Class Globe 5.80 does not provide his usual number one criteria for comfort (as he can’t stand upright in it) it is Christian’s ultimate challenge to sail around the world in a boat he built himself. Big adventures lie ahead!

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