Peter Punk

Pilar Pasanau is an experienced sailor from Catalonia, with a passion for solo voyages.

With over 25,000 ocean miles and solo miles sailed, she has crossed the Atlantic several times and is now preparing to circumnavigate the globe alone.

Her boat, Peter Punk, was built by Severin Hummer and sailed in the 2021 Globe 5.80 Transat as Shrimp.

For Pilar, being on the starting line of the race is a dream come true, and she is excited to be a part of a community of like-minded sailors who share her passion for sailing and adventure.

I am a sailor. I’ve been sailing all my life. I have crossed the Atlantic several times and some alone. Now I’m preparing to go around the world alone. That has been my goal all my life. I am happy knowing that I can be on the starting line of the Globe 580 Transat.

Pilar Pasanau

Pilar’s website,, showcases her love for sailing and her journey as a solo sailor.

My life is the sea and single-handed racing. The sea brings out the good in each of us. I like how the sea transforms people, helps them to excel and to bring out the best in themselves.

Pilar Pasanau
Hull 98, previously named Shrimp, pictured with former owner, Swiss sailor Severin Hummer. After successfully completing the 600 nm qualifier, the 25 year-old from Switzerland decided not to participate in the 3000 nm inaugural 5.80 Transat voyage from Lagos to Antigua.
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