Following a year of deep thought, planning, and listening to the growing number of 5.80 builders committed to entering the MGR, we are happy to finally open the MGR!

We have further developed the concept to ensure simplicity, decrease cost and assist family and managers to join entrants at the start of four key legs.

This Mini Globe Race is a world first and will surely attract huge interest. You will see in the Pre-Notice of Race, that you have free access to all satcoms to speak to anyone including media while racing around the world. You can post pictures from onboard and run your own social media from your 5.80!

Strong safety standards and risk minimisation remain a key focus. We have two compulsory pit stops on every leg, but you can stop anywhere you like. The clock is running and that is part of the concept. You sail in the footsteps of John Guzwell in TREKKA. You really will run your own race as an independent voyager sailing around the world as efficiently as possible. We have also simplified the entry process to reward those with real passion. We have 30 places available and you can grab one now.

Good luck!

Don McIntyre, Globe 5.80 Founder

Entries Open

An entrant must have purchased a set of Globe 5.80 plans and show at least 2,000 miles of ocean sailing experience on any boat, before submitting an application for an invitation to compete. Once the entry is approved, the entrant has 12 months to launch and sail their Globe 5.80 to maintain their entry place. If not sailing by that time, the entry “may”, at the discretion of the organisers, be moved to a waitlist and if another waitlisted entrant who is already sailing, is given that place. 

The non-refundable MGR entry fee will be €3400 to be paid in two parts:

  • €1700 when applying for an entry invitation.
  • The balance of €1700 within 12 months of entering, or by 1st October 2023 whichever is earlier.

The payment of entry fees in NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances and must be made by bank transfer (made payable to Ocean Frontiers Pty Ltd). It is the responsibility of each participant to ask for the bank details and ensure correct payment is received on time. Entries received after June 1st 2024 will pay a late entry fee of €1500.

The race course is west about around the world via Panama

All dates, times and ports are preliminary for initial planning purposes only – yet to be confirmed. 

The start of the MGR will be from Lagos, Portugal. The entrants will sail around the world west about, in four legs via the traditional trade wind route. Mass restarts will take place for each leg, the start date set approximately two weeks after 25% of the fleet has arrived. An entrant MUST stop for at least seven days in a pit stop port, but can stay longer with the clock restarting after seven days. An entrant can stop in any other non-scheduled port, but the clock keeps running.

  • Globe 5.80 Transat: Lagos to Antigua 3,000 mile Qualifier
  • Leg 1: START Antigua to Panama 1,300 miles – 30-days truck across – Total 1,300 miles
  • Leg 2: Panama to any islands – 8-day pit stop – Tahiti 4,400 miles – 7-day pit stop – to Tonga 1,300 miles – 8-day pit stop – to Fiji 600 miles 21 days – Total 6,400 miles
  • Leg 3: Fiji to Darwin 3,000 miles – 8-day pit stop – to Mauritius 4,300 miles – 10-day pitstop – to Durban plus 2 = 14 days pitstops to Cape Town 2,400 miles 21 – Total 9,700 miles
  • Leg 4: Cape Town to St. Helena 1,900 miles – 8-day pit stop – to Receife 2,400 miles – 8-day pit stop – to Antigua 1,600 miles FINISH – Total 5,900 miles
  • Total 23,500 miles